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Book Reviews and why I wanted to do them

If you are just tuning in, this is the first entry into something I am doing for the first time. But something I have wanted to do and try for a while.

And that is book reviewing.

Why review books?

Well, in our internet society we have been saturated with reviews on comic books, magazines, movies, tv shows, video games (alot of video games lol) animes, and music. But sadly there are very few book reviews.

The reviews of books I have discovered have inspired me to review some of the stories from my childhood. Most importanly, a look at the books that we used to read and perhaps even do reports on in school. Whatever you felt about having to do it back then, they are a part of our collective nostaglia as much as movies, tv, and music were and why not look at them? Its always fun to look back at something with new eyes and new thought processes on a particular passage from a story. And so that is why I decided to blog on books that I will be reviewing.

I will also cover the some of the obscure, new releases, and notorious children’s books I have uncovered while frequenting shops, libararies, and bookstores.

So join me my friends as we go down memory lane. 🙂


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